para-Iodoamphetamine (PIA) CAS # 21894-72-4

para-Iodoamphetamine (PIA) CAS # 21894-72-4



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    A research chemical in the phenethylamine and amphetamine chemical families, para-Iodoamphetamine (PIA), also known as 4-iodoamphetamine (4-IA) < /b > CAS # 21894-72-4 CAS # 21894-72-4, is a chemical.

    It acts as a selective releasing agent for serotonin and is also an MAOI.

    On the basis of the recorded case of para-chloroamphetamine, PIA is rumored to be a serotonergic neurotoxin.

    PIA is, however, a much weaker neurotoxin of 5-HT than is the case for PCA.

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