PX-3 CAS # 1185887-14-2

PX-3 CAS # 1185887-14-2



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    PX-3 is an indazole-based synthetic cannabinoid (also known as APP-CHMINACA). It is a potent CB1 receptor agonist with a binding affinity of Ki = 47.6 nM and was originally introduced as an analgesic drug by Pfizer in 2009.

    The acronym ‘APP’ means the structure elements of ‘amino’,’ phenyl’ and ‘propanone’. EMCDDA published three associated compounds, PX-1 (5F-APP-PICA, SRF-30), PX-2 (5F-APP-PINACA, FU-PX) and APP-FUBINACA, in late 2014.

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