About Us

About Us

Power Chemicals Co. Ltd. is a leading research chemical distributor which offers business-to-business solutions to industrial and specialty research chemical users with headquarter  in Hebei, China. Since 2003, we have been in business and have established a very wide base of customers. Our experts in the field of research chemical distribution is composed of the Communications Group, Quality Specialists, Accounting, and Sales team. The value of selling wholesale research chemicals as a powerful tool and the possibilities it provides to companies worldwide are understood by our experts.

We specialized in exporting rare research chemicals outside Mainland China. We offer a wide range of products, creative services and customized solutions to meet your particular requirements through our proactive sourcing capabilities. By providing customers with wholesale price research chemicals in consistent with high purity and safe manner, we are committed to become the most reliable business partner for our clients around the world.

Purchase rare research chemicals

We buy rare research chemicals in bulk specifically from the manufacturer chemical companies and can subsequently offer discount costs.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy for Success is to offer our new clients with secure payment options through Paypal.com to establish trust and also accepts Bitcoin.  We also offer discount costs on bulk orders of High Purity Rare Research Chemicals. We ship all orders carefully providing with tracking number by Major Shipping Companies like Fed Ex, PostNL, DHL, etc.

Why Choose Us?

Powerful Medium

Our experts understand the importance of selling Wholesale Chemicals as a powerful medium and the opportunities it offers to businesses worldwide.

Quick Shipping

We ship the research chemicals discreetly and with tracking number by the Express shipping companies like Fed Ex, PostNL, and DHL. Shipping fee on all orders will be at Sixty US Dollars ($60.00).


Our strategy for success is to offer our new clients with secure payment options through Paypal.com to establish trust and also accepts Bitcoin.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or just want a bulk rate quote.