Phenylisobutylamine CAS # 53309-89-0

Phenylisobutylamine CAS # 53309-89-0



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    A stimulant medication of the phenethylamine class is phenylisobutylamine CAS # 53309-89-0, also known as alpha-ethylphenethylamine, Butanphenamine, B or AEPEA. It is a higher homologue of amphetamine and differs from the molecular structure of amphetamine only by replacing the methyl group with an ethyl group at the alpha position of the side chain.

    Phenylisobutylamine has strongly diminished dopaminergic effects relative to amphetamine, and now serves as a selective release agent of norepinephrine. The phenylisobutylamine dextroisomer partially replaces dextroamphetamine in rats.

    Several phenylisobutylamine derivatives, including BDB, MBDB, EBDB, butylone (bk-MBDB), eutylone (bk-EBDB), Ariadne (alpha-Et-DOM), 4-CAB, and 4-MAB are known.

    In fact, “phenylisobutylamine” is a chemical misnomer because isobutylamine contains a branched chain itself. “The right name for this type of compound after this style will be” phenylsecbutylamine

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